The CBI told a special court here that dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar themselves killed their daughter Aarushi and domestic aide Hemraj in their Noida flat.

CBI counsel R. K. Saini made the allegation before Special Judge Shyam Lal during his argument on framing of charges against Talwars for their alleged roles in the killings of their daughter and domestic aide.

Quoting from the post-mortem report of the two, Mr. Saini said Talwars killed them in quick succession as there was not much gap between the timings of their deaths. He accused Talwar of slitting Aarushi throat to kill her.

Prosecution counsel Saini also accused Talwars of trying to destroy the evidence in the twin murder case saying that after the murder they washed the walls of Aarushi’s room to clean the blood splattered on them.

They also changed Aarushi’s bed sheet after the murder, he said adding that they also tried to get Aarushi’s post-mortem report changed.

Mr. Saini told the court that the agency has gathered over 6,000 pages of documentary evidence in the form of statements of various people, including Talwars’ neighbours and Uttar Pradesh police officials, who initially investigated the case, to prove Talwars’ culpability in the crime.

Mr. Saini also said after committing the crime, Talwars even wanted to escape and they did not cooperate with the CBI during the investigation.

The court adjourned the case for tomorrow when Talwars will begin their arguments against the framing of charges against them.

Aarushi was found murdered in her bedroom in her Noida flat on May 16, 2008, while Hemraj’s body was found on terrace the next day.

While Rajesh Talwar is currently out on bail, his wife Nupur Talwar has been lodged in Dasna jail for her alleged role in the crime.