‘Take concrete steps to build the confidence of the people’

Accusing the Central government of inaction and inability to instil confidence in the people of Assam, All Bodo Students Union president Pramod Bodo appealed for concrete steps to build the confidence of the people.

Commenting on the exodus of people, hailing from the northeast, from Pune, Bangalore and other cities across the country owing to threats and violent attacks, Mr. Bodo said though the State governments had been supportive, none of the “national leaders” had reached out to them. “The State governments are trying to help the youth, but none of the national leaders ever went to Pune or Bangalore to talk to the students and pacify them,” he said.

Mr. Bodo, along with ex-Rajya Sabha MP and Bodo leader U.G. Brahma, was in the city to discuss the issue with various city NGOs. “The youth who have left the cities in fear are rendered unemployed in their home States and should be assured of safety and be called back immediately,” he reiterated.

He stated that almost 15,000 Bodo youths were among those who left Pune in the last few weeks. Mr. Bodo sought a permanent policy on migrants from Bangladesh to ensure that the indigenous Bodo people do not feel threatened. The current state of conflict and violence had a direct correlation to the Bodos’ loss of identity, he said.

He stressed that the reason for the conflict should be identified and the administration instil trust in the people. Pointing out that the current government compensation of Rs. 30,000 for rebuilding a burnt house would not be enough, he said the government should act with responsibility.