‘Decision on commercial introduction of Bt Brinjal will be taken by the political leadership'

Six top science academies have favoured “limited release” of genetically modified brinjal, a report an advocacy group alleged was plagiarised.

The allegations have been dubbed as “ridiculous” by senior scientist P. S. Goel, who was part of the study commissioned by Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh after the controversy over commercialisation of Bt Brinjal.

“It is appropriate now to release Bt Brinjal for cultivation in specific farmers' fields in identified states,” said the report, which was submitted to the Government recently.

Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National Academy of Engineering, Indian National Science Academy, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, National Academy of Medical Sciences and National Academy of Sciences (India) were asked by Mr. Ramesh and K Kasturirangan, Member of Planning Commission, to submit a report on GM crops.

‘Absolutely scandalous'

Advocacy group ‘Coalition for GM Free India' had levelled allegations of plagiarism against the academies accusing them of copying views of leading scientist P. Anand Kumar.

“It is a biased, political position paper by the science academies. Rather than a rigorous scientific review that it is supposed to be, it is absolutely scandalous that the six top science academies used plagiarised material in their attempt to promote Bt Brinjal,” said Kavita Kuruganti on behalf of the Coalition.

Dr. Kumar rubbished the allegations saying that the paragraphs in question were his contribution to the report.

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