The Border Security Force (BSF) is investigating one of the five Pakistani fishermen arrested from the Deveri Creek area in Kutch district of having any ISI links, officials said here on Monday.

“Five Pakistani fishermen were arrested from the Deveri Creek area yesterday after a hard pursuit of over two hours,” BSF officials said.

“One of the fishermen arrested is Mohammad Illiyas Themor (42) from Kasimgoth village in Thatta district of Sindh province in Pakistan,” they said. “Illiyas is suspected to be involved with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and his link is being investigated,” BSF officials said, adding that he was earlier apprehended by BSF in 2003 from the creek area.

“Detailed questioning of the fishermen is in progress,” they added.

Four others arrested include Karim Baksh Themor (12), Nazir Themor (22), Shabir Themor (23) and Mir Khan Themor (30), all from the Thatta district in Pakistan, they said.

“In view of the inputs of increased activities of Pakistan’s ISI in the creek area BSF troops have been put on extra alert and four floating Border Outposts (BOPs) are operating deep inside the Creek waters for enhanced surveillance round the clock,” BSF officials said.

Earlier on August 16, BSF has apprehended nine Pakistani nationals from the west coast creek area.

Out of these nine, six were from members of the same family, while three others were related among themselves. They too were from the Thatta district of Pakistan.

In the creek area on the west of Kutch district is situated Harami Nala, a sluggish and shallow water channel, spread over 500 sq km which has in the past witnessed intrusion from Pakistani fishermen.

The marshy topography makes it difficult for BSF troops to react swiftly against infiltration.

Also, there is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan over the creek area.

Last year, the terrorist who attacked Mumbai, had hijacked an Indian fishing boat ‘Kuber’ from near the creek area before reaching the financial capital of India.

Many a times Indian fishermen who venture into the creek area in order to get good quantity of fish, are apprehended by the Pakistan Marine Security Agency.

According to National Fish Workers’ Forum there are over 500 Indian fishermen languishing in Pakistani jail, while over 400 Indian fishing boats have been seized by the Pakistan marine security agency.

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