Browne asks them to keep learning and adapt to technology

Air Chief Marshal N.A.K. Browne on Saturday called upon newly graduated officers at the Indian Military Academy here to keep the horizons open for learning and making friends with counterparts in other services.

Future operations would invariably be joint ones where, in addition to the specialised core competence of each service, the degree of synergy among the services would play a key role in the outcome.

“So, widen your horizons, have full spectrum in your thinking and develop a healthy professional respect for each other’s capabilities, as these will have a force multiplier effect on India’s future military power,” Air Chief Marshal Browne said in his address after reviewing an excellent passing-out parade by 631 Gentlemen Cadets and 74 Foreign Gentlemen Cadets from friendly foreign countries.

Congratulating the officers on having chosen the most honourable profession, he urged them to always do the right thing the right way.

“The Indian Army is going through a revolutionary phase of comprehensive capability enhancement and you Gentlemen would be at the forefront of these momentous changes. Irrespective of your chosen arms, you would be operating in a knowledge-centric environment and technology would be intrinsic to each and every facet of future combat operations.

To meet the stringent demands of this new environment, there will be a need to constantly prepare and adapt. So my advice to you would be to never stop learning.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and strive towards understanding each and every aspect of your job because the future operational capabilities of the Indian Army will greatly depend on your professional capabilities,” he said.

The momentous occasion became all the more enjoyable as the weather became really pleasant after rains in the morning. The parade marched to the tunes of ‘Col Bogey' and ‘Sare Jahan Se Achha.’

The Sword of Honour for overall best performance among the Passing-Out Course was awarded to Siddhant Suhag and the Gold Medal for standing first in the overall Order of Merit was awarded to Vikash Kumar. The Silver Medal for standing second in the order of merit went to Sahil Kerni.

The Bronze Medal went to Nikam Nikhil Janardhan. The Silver Medal for standing first in order of merit in the Technical Graduates Course went to Salil and the Silver Medal for standing first the Technical Entry Scheme went to Prateek Dhankar.

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