What is easier to unearth? One thousand tonnes of gold that a seer had seen in a dream or black money stashed away in Swiss bank?

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Friday took a dig at the UPA government citing reports that the Archaeological Survey of India was searching for 1,000 tonnes of gold that a seer had seen in a dream in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh.

“The world is laughing at India as the government is searching for gold because of someone’s dream,” Mr. Modi said, addressing a gathering of BJP supporters at the airport.

He wondered if the government knew that the value of the black money locked away in foreign bank accounts was could be greater than that of 1,000 tonnes of gold. “If the black money is brought back from foreign bank accounts, the government need not search for gold like this,” he said.

He claimed support for his party in Tamil Nadu had grown immensely and there was a wave of change here.