Expelled BJP leader Jaswant Singh on Monday ruled out the possibility of his returning to the party or joining any other party, while stating that the saffron outfit had turned “parochial” ideologically.

“They think in an ambivalent manner. They say something and do something else,” said Mr. Singh, hitting out at his former party.

Mr. Singh, who is in Patna for the release of the Urdu translation of his controversial book Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence, made it clear that he “did not harbour any ambition to join any other political party.”

Bihar as platform

Mr. Singh said Bihar could provide a platform for a nation-wide agitation for the all-round development of the country and change its political system.

Referring to the movements launched by Mahatma Gandhi and Jayaprakash Narain, Mr. Singh expressed the hope that the people of Bihar would lead the nation in ensuring a transformation in Indian politics.

Mr. Singh revealed that after the Gujarat riots, the then Home Minister L.K. Advani and then Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee clashed over the removal of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

According to Mr. Singh, Mr. Vajpayee was in favour of Mr. Modi’s removal, which was opposed by Mr. Advani, who feared that it might lead to bigger problems.

“I personally wanted him [Mr. Modi] to be removed,” said Mr. Singh, while stating that he had also opposed Mr. Advani’s rath yatra.

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