BJP president Nitin Gadkari said here on Thursday morning that his party would not politicise the Ayodhya issue.

“The BJP's stand is that a temple must be erected at the birthplace of Lord Ram. It is a symbol of faith and devotion of crores of people of this country. We wish this temple is constructed through cooperation and discussion and in a spirit of brotherhood,” he told reporters ahead of the Ayodhya verdict.

To a question on the BJP's raison d'être (reason for existence) sans Ayodhya, he said: “I appeal to you that this is not a political issue… A solution should be found through cooperation, brotherhood and mutual consent. One of the solutions is a legal solution and so there is the High Court verdict. We should wait for the verdict. We should rise above politics and think of the issue. The BJP does not want to play politics with this issue.”

Asked about the Vishwa Hindu Parishad's decision to mobilise people for a temple movement, he said: “The VHP will clarify what it wants to do. I have presented the BJP's stand before you.”

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