BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, who is also the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, on Saturday promised to raise in Parliament the resolutions passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly on retrieving Katchchatheevu and seeking economic sanctions on Sri Lanka.

She was speaking to reporters after meeting AIADMK general secretary and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

Ms. Swaraj said that she had requested Ms. Jayalalithaa to send copies of the two resolutions. “We will raise both these issues on the floor of the Lok Sabha.”

Describing the meeting as a “courtesy call,” Ms. Swaraj pointed out that this was the first time they had met after Ms. Jayalalithaa's victory in the Assembly election.

On the hike in prices of petroleum products, Ms. Swaraj said the United Progressive Alliance Government was “insensitive” to the common man. Despite saying time and again that it had been working for the welfare of the common man, its decisions hurt the same class of people.

Noting that this was the 10th hike in the price of petroleum products, she said kerosene was used by poor people who would be seriously affected by the increase in price. Similarly, the increase in price of liquefied petroleum gas would affect the middle class women very badly.