BJP on Tuesday said that it will raise in Parliament the issue of sharp rise in prices of essential commodities despite recession, alleging it happened due to the “faulty policies of the Congress—led UPA government“.

“The Central government is not concerned about traders. Prices go down when there is recession as purchasing power goes down. But India is an exception as here prices went up. Traders are the worst affected by this,” senior party leader Arun Jaitley said at a rally of BJP’s Traders’ Cell.

Party President Rajnath Singh, in his address, said the party will raise these issues in the forthcoming session of Parliament.

Mr. Singh said the BJP-ruled states had asked that traders’ organisations be consulted before Goods and Services Tax (GST) was imposed but the government is going ahead with it.

He also criticised the government for bringing back 3/7 Essential Commodities Act, which he alleged gives powers to the authorities to carry out raids on traders at will. “This is leading to victimisation of traders,” he said.

On the issue of FDI, Mr. Singh said his party was not against it but the UPA government was allowing it unhindered in retail.

He said the government had washed its hands off the issue by saying this was an impact of global recession.

Mr. Jaitley accused the government of opening up the retail market to foreign players through backdoor.

“The cash—and—carry policy of the government was the first step in this direction,” he said.

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