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Updated: September 1, 2012 13:56 IST

BJP to continue to stall proceedings in Parliament: Venkaiah

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BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP M Venkaiah Naidu
The Hindu Photo Library
BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP M Venkaiah Naidu

Sticking to its demand for resignation of Manmohan Singh for irregularities in coal block allocation, BJP on Saturday vowed to continue its “parliamentary tactic” of stalling proceedings and challenged the Congress to seek a fresh mandate from people.

BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP M Venkaiah Naidu said his party was not demanding the resignation of Congress-led UPA government merely on the alleged “coalgate” scam but also on a “series of scams and issues,” including the 2G spectrum allocation.

“This UPA government has become a burden on the country and it should go. BJP is demanding not just the resignation of the Prime Minister, but that of the entire cabinet. This is culmination of so many scams and scandals including 2G and Adarsh Housing,” he said.

Speaking to reporters here, Mr. Naidu said the Singh-led government had also failed on the fronts of economy, agriculture and inflation.

He claimed that Congress was not in a position to face the polls as “people are waiting to teach them a lesson.”

On his party’s persistent stalling of the proceedings of both the Houses of Parliament, he said, “We do agree” that business should carry on but the government was “bulldozing” the opposition.

“They don’t act after a debate; don’t adhere to accountability. This Parliamentary accountability is as important as debates,” he said.

Defending the continued stalling of Parliament, Mr. Naidu said his party “cannot remain mute spectators to loot of nation’s wealth.”

He said besides Prime Minister’s resignation, all the coal allocation licenses should be revoked and a re-auction held besides conducting an independent inquiry into the matter.

Mr. Naidu also slammed Prime Minister and the Congress leaders for “criticising,” CAG.

Hitting out at Congress’ criticism of BJP for disrupting Parliament, he said the former had resorted to similar tactics as opposition and stalled proceedings on “flimsy grounds,” including on issues like the Babri mosque demolition which he recalled had happened during the Congress rule in 1992.

“When Congress disrupts, it is in nation’s interest and when we do is it a crime?” he said, while asking Congress not to “preach sermons,” to his party.

Asked if he foresaw mid-term polls, he replied: “We don’t know how long this government will survive” and BJP will evolve its strategy accordingly.

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in this country constitution is nothing but a book to which u shelter when u need it. otherwise who care ? it is true that bjp has national outlook and congress is fraud on nation. but this is people of india who have done blunder in past too. lets see what lies in future

from:  shivraj
Posted on: Sep 2, 2012 at 12:26 IST

Yes, Naidu. It is a CRIME to disrupt proceedings in Parliment whether it is done by the Congress or the BJP. As it is, our Parlimentarians work very little and there are less than 90 working days in a year! Nowhere else in the world can we find a profession with three times as many vacation days as working days. The BJP has made its point about the scam ridden UPA government. Now it is time to move on and attend to pressing issues facing the nation. Otherwise the people will teach both parties a lesson in the next election.

from:  Viswanath
Posted on: Sep 2, 2012 at 10:14 IST

If BJP is corrupt, Congress is millions times corrupt. If this basic understanding is not realized by the nation, then it is a fishbone where the country is heading. Bad luck.

from:  Sam
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 21:03 IST

The BJP will stoop to any level to forward their politics. If they were really serious about demanding a resignation of the PM they should begin a 'no confidence' motion in parliament. But they won't do that because they can't be sure of victory.
This is like the pot calling the kettle black, the bjp government in karnataka has totally lost its crediblility in the mining scams and the BJP governmnent in Chattisgarh was against the proposal to auction the coal blocks too. While the congress definitely needs to answer for this gross loss to the exchequer, the stalling of parliament is definitely not the way to do it. The BJP should instead take the PM up on his offer of a debate. The monsoon session has been completely wasted by the BJP's theatrics. The politicians should realize that people elected them to govern on their behalf and not to shout slogans when they are supposed to frame laws. If the BJP really needs to protest against congress it should do so on the streets like team Anna.

from:  Suraj
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 20:44 IST

Parliament stands for discussion as well as accountability. The PM must resign on the basis of moral accountability. Suppose tomorrow if PM is found guilty in any of the charges leveled against him (which is highly unlikely given the track record of CBI), Would it be fair to have a corrupted PM till that time? If PM is not guilty then he must resign and face the inquiry like all other citizen. By not resigning PM signalling that there is a lot of tolerance against corruption in his Government.

from:  saurabh
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 20:34 IST

Hi Doctor ! You want Congress to loot the country and promote corruption ? Because BJP fought Dr.MMS has to eat words of support for Raja in 2G scam. Raja went to jail. For 3G Govt collected Rs.14000 crores from each player. Other wise congress would have collected only Rs.625 crores from each player and pocketed all the money. BJP is doing good job whether you vote for them or not.You people are supporters of Corrupt Congress and dont want cleanup. You are ignorant about 2 G scam or Coal gate. First get your self familiar with scams of Congress before commenting.BJP is not party of Angels but atleast trying to cleanup the corruption in system

from:  Dwibhashyam Agasthyeswar
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 20:16 IST

People are interested to know the full facts and this should be debated in parliament. This
type of not allowing parliament to function is not in the interest of a healthy democracy.

from:  Rayan
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 19:33 IST

I'm sure of one thing BJP is certainly getting a lot of negative publicity with stunt of there's and if they think that there stalling the parliament will help them in the coming elections then they are wrong. todays educated mass knows the importance of running of parliament (which already runs for less then 100 day/year), there is already a state of policy paralysis in the country, these things are not helping in any way. They should understand when everyone wants a debate then that should take place, everyone should be given a chance to speak.

from:  Prateek
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 19:21 IST

It would be better for Mr. Venkaiah Naidu to stop talking about accountability and other aspects. His friend Mr. Yeddy in Karnataka as the CM did not want a debate in the assembly when the Reddy Brother's mining scam came for discussion in Karnataka Assembly. It would be in the interest of the country to have a debate in the Parliament about the Coalgate and if there is any wrong doing by the UPA and Dr.MMS then the BJP has every right to demand Dr.MMS resignation. Mr. Naidu don't go for elections now as people are vexed with your attitude in Parliament and about BJP's double standard. You should also be aware it was under your Presidentship that BJP lost its mandate in 2004 with the slogan India Shining. For sure we all want this present Govt to go but it should be done in a democratic way which will be accepted by people. Don't jump your guns as BJP will be routed and you will be back in the opposition bench once again. First set right your house in order by naming the Leader.

from:  Kumar Iyer
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 18:10 IST

Congress under UPA is leading India to disaster. It has created a culture of corruption in
government. It is better to stop,take a break and make a turn to better governance.

from:  BMNaik
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 16:17 IST

BJP & Congress won't budge from their positions, so what are we doing? we elected these guys to run the country, now here's a situtation where nobody is interested in doing that, do we have legal remedy? do we still need this type of governance? don't you think this style of democracy has already failed?

from:  xaviersurender
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 15:34 IST

mood of the people is no useful purpose will be served by debating
this issue in the parliament .. it will only be a shouting match
between both ruling and opposition .. you cannot expect the present
MP's to make a dignified speech and make dignified response .. that
was generations ago .. not now .. now every party has own axe to grind
.. one way of ruling party to wriggle out of the situation is debate
.. you see how they debate in the media .. our blood boils and
pressure shoots up when they debate .. it will be repeat in the
parliament also .. therefore, the govt must ask the CAG to explain how
they arrived at the loss figure and then explain and then make CAG
understand that they made a mistake .. only then we can see some peace
.. Pray for early elections and say good bye to Congress ..

from:  Conjivaram Rajan Gopalkrishnan
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 15:29 IST

This tectic shows disrespect to the constitutional parliament, where all the matters of national must be discussed, 2nd thing BJP has to stop their double speak double standard policy & politics, why are they shying away from the debate, that every other political party has asked for, cancellation may constitutional problems but that also can be discussed & debated.But this attitude of autocratic, non cooperation is not helping the democratic process.

from:  hardev
Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 14:47 IST

Who is this Venkiah Naidu, to order stalling of the parliament?
Parliament is voice of the people and a body that guides the destiny of our nation. He should immediately be arrested for glorifying this unruly behaviour.
BJP did this when UPA government was first formed, and it has no interest in
democracy. BJP government in Karnataka was involved in mining scams.
BJP in Gujarat thinks eliminating muslims is a national priority. This party's only agenda is to get back to power through whatever means it can and
implement its fascist agenda. 2G spectrum started during BJP rule
Two BJP chief ministers were involved in decisions behind coal gate. Venkaiah Naidu should realise that India is not a Banana republic, where elections are
conducted on a monthly basis. He would do well to propose a bipartisan position on corruption.

Posted on: Sep 1, 2012 at 14:16 IST
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