The party opposes any country-specific resolution

The BJP said on Tuesday that there was no threat to the Congress-led UPA government, despite the DMK having pulled out of it, and it would do nothing to “destabilise” it.

At a press conference here, senior leader M. Venkaiah Naidu termed the government “lame duck,” but made no reference to the possible repercussions of the DMK’s decision. He counselled the UPA constituents to bear in mind that they would equally be held responsible for the acts of omission and commission of the government. “Govern or get out,” was his message to the Manmohan Singh regime.

“The UPA has become a real lame duck government now. The UPA has become DPA [Divided Progressive Alliance] and has proved to be NPA [Non-Progressive Alliance]... The Congress does not follow coalition dharma,” he said.

On the DMK’s demand that Parliament adopt a resolution against Sri Lanka, Mr. Naidu indicated that the BJP was opposed to country-specific resolutions. “This issue is a matter of foreign policy. The government has to decide. Let them make their stand clear.”

Senior BJP leaders maintained that such a resolution would set a bad precedent as it amounted to interference in the internal affairs of another country.

“Tomorrow, India could face a similar situation. What if the parliament of another country decides to adopt a resolution on an issue which is purely an internal matter of India,” a senior leader asked.

Asked whether any resolution on Sri Lanka was in the offing, Mr. Naidu shot back: “What resolution? Where? In politics, you should not answer ifs and buts. First, let us know the government position. Then ask the Opposition.”

He said the resolution Parliament adopted recently was in response to the one passed by Pakistan’s National Assembly, demanding that the body of Afzal Guru, hanged for his role in the Parliament attack, be returned to his family. “India does not interfere in the internal affairs of another country.”

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