In the wake of divisions in the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) on the Presidential election, the Bharatiya Janata Party has termed the ruling alliance a ‘sinking ship' under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Citing the stand of Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee and Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav that the Prime Minister is one of their choices as a Presidential candidate, BJP spokesperson Shah Nawaz Hussain maintained that it was a reflection of their lack of trust in the ability of Dr. Singh to run the government.

“By offering his name as a candidate for President, the UPA allies have shown that they do not see Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister. The coalition partners of the UPA want to relieve him of his duties and make him the President. If his own allies do not have trust in him, how can the country trust him?”

Mr. Hussain said the arrogance of the Congress towards its allies was responsible for the current crisis within the UPA.

“At a time when the Congress should be clearing its name in a slew of corruption cases, it is busy trying to save the coalition. It is cornered by its own problems and no more concerned about the country,” he said.

“Mamata Banerjee rejected the two names proposed by Sonia Gandhi for President's post. Within an hour, she along with Mulayam Singh Yadav proposed three names to Sonia Gandhi.... The trust in coalition dharma has ended... Now, the leadership of Sonia Gandhi is also being questioned by allies on her doorstep,” Mr. Hussain said.

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