The Bharatiya Janata Party has opposed reservation for Scheduled Caste Muslims and Christians.

In a resolution decrying the recommendation of the Ranganath Mishra Commission on reservation for minorities, the party’s Indore conclave said this would be contrary to the Koran and the Bible. Parliament had no jurisdiction to change the basic tenets of the Christian and Islamic faiths that do not recognise the existence of caste in their communities.

Party leaders described the move as a “conspiracy” to divide the country.

The BJP said the step was “not only unconstitutional but would also create bad blood between minorities and Hindu Dalits and other backward classes.”

“The Ranganath Mishra Commission cannot dictate or thrust its opinion on the Christian Pope or Muslim maulvis…reservation would amount to a formal introduction of a caste system in Islam and Christianity, thus changing the basic tenets of these religions, which is outside the jurisdiction of both Parliament and the judiciary and also contrary to the provisions of the Koran and the Bible,” the resolution said.

One party leader claimed that “70 per cent of Muslims were already covered by the 27 per cent OBC quota.” The party is apparently objecting to the creation of a quota within that quota for OBC Muslims and other minorities.

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