Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare said here on Sunday that the Lokpal Bill would end corruption up to 90 per cent. “For the rest of 10 per cent [to be rooted out], we will call for the Right to Reject [corrupt] candidates. There should be decentralisation of power in governance right up to the village level.''

The social activist was interacting with journalists at the Press Club of India here.

Mr. Hazare praised Bihar and Gujarat Chief Ministers Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi, both of whom had supported him, but added that he would give them 100 per cent marks only if they adopted the Bill in their States. He, however, deplored the 2002 Gujarat riots, asserting that he was against communalism.

Asked if he was targeting Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who had resigned from the Group of Ministers on Corruption or other Ministers too, he said he had nothing against Mr. Pawar but was against “a kind of attitude.''

On being compared to Gandhiji, the 73 year-old activist said he was an “ordinary worker'' only capable of sitting at the Mahatma's feet. “I am inspired by him. His work was different and what he did was so difficult. I am little educated, he was a barrister. There is no comparison.''

Asked if he would contest elections, he said that the system of elections was so corrupted that ordinary people can not contest. His next battle was on this front.

The Gandhian said, “I did not know the movement will take such a form with people from all walks of life identifying with it. But if you ask me, nothing has touched me. I am still the same man living in a temple in Ralegaon in Maharashtra.''


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