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Updated: April 27, 2013 11:13 IST

Azam Khan detention: Akhilesh cancels New York Consulate reception

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A flle photo of Consul General Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay.
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A flle photo of Consul General Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has cancelled a reception to be hosted in his honour by the Indian Consul General in New York on Saturday, even as the Mission said it would strongly take up with the U.S. authorities the issue of his Minister Azam Khan’s detention at the Boston airport.

A communiqué from the Indian Consulate in New York merely stated, “that due to unavoidable circumstances, the reception scheduled to be held in honour of Akhilesh Kumar Yadav, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on April 27 at the Consulate General of India, New York, has been cancelled.”

Neither, Consul General Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay, who took charge on Wednesday after his assignment as Ambassador of Maldives, nor Minister (Press and Information) M. Rajaram were available for any comments to the media on the reason for cancellation of the reception.

This was to be the first official function of the Consulate after Mr. Mulay took charge.

Mr. Yadav, on Friday, had also boycotted the Harvard lecture he was due to deliver in protest against Mr. Khan’s detention.

Invitation to the reception were sent out to all the prominent Indian-Americans, community leaders, elected officials, friends of India in New York and the media two days ago after the Consulate got the confirmation from the office of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulay told PTI, on Friday night, on the sidelines of a community reception in his honour at the Asia Society in New York that it was unfortunate that a State government minister was treated with disrespect on arrival at Boston Logan International Airport.

He said that his Mission, under whom Boston Logan International Airport falls, would raise the matter at the appropriate level to prevent its recurrence in the future.

Refusing to comment on the cancellation of a reception accorded to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister at the Consulate General of India in New York, he said his Mission would lodge its strongest protest with the State Department and the Homeland Security on the question of disrespect to the Minister as per the guidance of the Government of India.

“I am meeting the Chief Minister who has come to New York on Friday night to get first hand information from him and devise a strategy,” he said.

The Chief Minister is scheduled to leave for India from New York’s JFK Airport on Sunday, while Azam Khan was scheduled to leave today.

Mr. Khan, a senior leader of the ruling Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh and also the State Urban Development Minister was accompanying Mr. Yadav on the U.S. trip.

Mr. Khan was detained for about 10 minutes at the Boston Logan International Airport for “further questioning” on Wednesday after he landed in a scheduled British Airways flight from India.

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Mr. Azam Khan insults senior bureaucrat, slaps people in front of the camera. Our politicians still treat themselves as medieval kings with no accountability to rules. I hope he learns his lessons that everybody has to abide by rules.
And at last he should be the last person crying over "ill treatment to Muslims". If it were Mr. Kalam, I would have sympathized, not for you Mr. Azam Khan

from:  Amjad Imam
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 18:46 IST

Any official or minister or citizen should follow process. Security activities compliance is everyones duty.10 mins is not at all a big deal. We need not wonder how many times this minister kept audience waiting in his public meetings and how many times he disrupted law and assembly when he was in opposition. Even great men like Kalam & Ravi Shankar follow rules and acknowledge all details asked by any country security staff. This man is not above rules and I wonder if he understood even a single question posed by the airport officer.

from:  Ravi
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 14:52 IST

Minister or Prince, when in Rome do as the Romans do.
Do not take it as disrespect.

from:  Chandran
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 14:51 IST

Hi Mr. Khan: You may be "important" honcho in UP, but no one in the greater world. If general public abide by the rules, why not you? The position you hold is not inherited from your family. Therefore please show respect to the rules and to your people.Better, get out of politics, work to earn your living and chill out. There is a real world out there where again you are an unknown quantity.

from:  DS
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 14:12 IST

@krishna S. Bala - Nobody in the US says these words - they don't even
rhyme dude! ""Take a chill pill, no big deal or no disrespect to
you." lmao!?!

Our ministers are idiots and USA doesn't give a damn!

from:  ranjit
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 14:04 IST

Wonderful comment by Krishna bala. In india nobody can talk to these politicians. They think
they are gods.
They need some lesson and they won't learn.

from:  Narayanan
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 14:01 IST

Akhilesh has had education in foreign lands . This is the last response
i had expected from him. No point trying to make mileage out of this

from:  krishnan
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 13:47 IST

Thanks to Junior Yadav for not delivering any lecture at Harvard

Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 13:21 IST

Like they say it in US, "Take a chill pill, no big deal or no disrespect to
you." This is USA, here everyone follow rules whenit comes to Govt
security...this is not India...sorry if you felt disrespected..we feel
disrespected, when you people are whizzing in your lal bathi cars and
stop traffic just because your convoy is passing by..I hope now you get

from:  Krishna S Bala
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 11:54 IST

Khan deserved it. he slaps his people in India. Why you are giving this story any importance. The ministers are uneducated lot..

from:  raj iyer
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 11:42 IST

This is the nth time such a thing happens and mth time our politicians
make hue and cry! In India it is 'customery' for politicians to be
treated as VIP, and even checking is considered offensive. That is why
our internal security is in shambles. But we can not expect this in
other countries, especially in USA, which has just recovered from one
bombing. If these politicians feel so sensitive, then let them remain
within our country!

Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 11:38 IST
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