The Archaeological Survey of India plans to conduct further excavation at a residential site where workers found urns and pots dating back to the second century.

Official sources said ASI experts did a preliminary study of the site on Tuesday. They found that one of the urns contained skeletal remains of a human being and assessed all the articles to be “grave goods“. The experts felt that these urns could have been used as a secondary burial site where these containers with skeletal bones were buried.

Workers digging pits to erect pillars to construct a house at Manaveli village near here on January 31 unearthed two urns, a carinated short necked pot, a bowel, a pot and flat bottomed cups. While one urn and other utensils were removed from the pit, another urn was left there, as it was partially exposed.

The ASI after examining the articles would hand it over to the state-run museum.