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A roadshow to remember

Narendra Modi was enacting a symbolic crusade in Varanasi, remapping history as he retraced the landmarks of a city. In mapping space, he wa »

Voting digits

Can party symbols not be designed and distributed afresh once a decade, so that new candidates can also have an equal chance at capturing th »

The statement on the wall

It is that time again. After a five-year hiatus, people in the second most populous country in the world are deciding the fate of contend...»

She, the people

Why are more leaders talking about “empowering women” and offering them a wide range of enticements in these elections? The writer looks at »

Flexing it

Posters and hoardings in Kerala show a disconnect between one’s personal and political lives. »

The second homecoming

The Congress is pinning its hopes on Ghulam Nabi Azad, who has strong secular credentials and a good track record, to score big victories in »

Rumblings over constituencies

By every account, the projection of Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister has catapulted the Bharatiya Janata Party from nowhere to n...»

The timeline warriors

How three major political players in India are using social media and whether it could prove to be a game-changer »

A three-horse race in Bihar

Until June last year, Nitish Kumar was Bihar’s tallest leader, the hero who lifted the State from its crushing poverty and rewrote its d...»

Rhetoric, not foreign policy

Even if it may not lead to any radical shift in India’s foreign policy, Narendra Modi’s rhetoric can’t be ignored. His commentary on India’s »

The importance of Uttar Pradesh

With the Bharatiya Janata Party deciding to field its prime minister-in-waiting, Narendra Modi, from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh has, unsurp...»

Friendless in Telangana

Often, the line separating pragmatism from opportunism is very thin. After promising to merge with the Congress if Telangana was brought...»

The franchise as the fulcrum of democracy

The demand for the right to vote was only a part of a comprehensive package of measures to emancipate the masses from poverty, exploitation »

A state of flux

The unfolding of multi-cornered contests for the 39 Lok Sabha constituencies in Tamil Nadu and the lone seat in neighbouring Puducherry,...»

Armed forces as a vote bank

As the clamour for a viable system to enable soldiers to vote grows, veteran soldiers have also shed their compunctions and now participate »

Who is the real Sena?

By announcing support for Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, and at the same time releasing a list of candidates to contest against the Sh...»

Arvind Kejriwal’s right fight

Kejriwal is who he is because he has the audacity not to want to do political business. If there is an element of exaggeration in what he sa »

A BJP-Muslim entente cordiale?

The threat of communalism is not a mere bogey, and the Muslim ‘sense of alarmism’ does not exist in a vacuum. It may often be exaggerated or »

One election for two States

Andhra Pradesh goes to the polls as a united State, but the voters will in effect be electing two governments, one for Telangana and the...»

Tyranny of the status quo

The Model Code of Conduct is a weak document which does fairly little to ensure a level playing field for all political parties and candidat »

India in election mode

The numbers say it all. With about 81.45 crore people eligible to vote, India will witness a nine-phase election over a 36-day span cove...»

Eleventh hour decisions

As the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government races to fend off the imminent freeze on key policy decisions, when the Elect...»

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