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Here's why Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, UP roads are death traps

The National Crime Records Bureau - India's official source of police statistics - released its numbers for the last year earlie...»

Income, health, work, education - divided by class

Income quintiles refer to the poorest 20%, the next 20% etc. up to the richest 20%. As the population gets richer, the boundaries of the...»

As a woman, do you have a say in your marriage?

At the all-India level, just 59% women reported having a say in their own marriage, and 18% knew their husbands before marriage. ...»

Budgets in the time of UPA: Where'd the money go?

All numbers in this infographic are from the 2014-15 interim budget and older budgets, and all amounts are in Rs. crore. ...»

A legislative history of the 15th Lok Sabha

How has the Lok Sabha spent its time and what legislation is going to be its legacy? Data Source: PRS Legislative Research. ...»

For different Indians, disability means different things

According to the Census, 2.21% of the country's population is disabled. There is very little variation between men and women and rural a...»

We learn little in our schools

Kids are learning astoundingly little in school, and they've been doing it for eight years now in every rural district of the country. <...»

To grow older than anyone's grown before

India is having fewer kids as a country and living longer, but as always, there are so many unexpected stories going on within those bro...»

Our States are coming closer

Are India's States becoming more like each other? Are they converging or diverging in their development outcomes? ...»

Who is behind the rise in voter turnouts?

Voter turnouts are rising - but have they risen that much, and how are they rising? In the Weekly Infographic, we find that the Election...»

How many MPs win convincingly?

How close are our elections, and do most MPs win convincingly? If they needed a simple majority to win, how small would our Parliament h...»

How we vote, and who wins elections

This week's infographic maps the results of the 2009 Lok Sabha elections and finds that India tends to vote surprisingly decisively. »

Contesting for polls in India is rough

Who is more likely to contest an election, and who is more likely to win? This week we look at the profile of candidates in the 2009 Lok...»

Like politics, is voter interest local, too?

This week we look at the most important person in an election - the voter. ...»

Why do 'criminal' MPs get re-elected?

With the country consumed by the issue of the criminalisation of politics, we look at the extent of the problem and what the people's ve...»

Rajan Panel report: It's a battle of the States

It's the Battle of the States. This week, we go inside the Rajan panel re...»

Migrations worldwide: Decade of the 'Gulf'

New UN data on international migration is full of surprises - Indians aren't migrating to the countries we normally imagine, immigrants aren »

India is 19-31 years old

New census data offers insight into the age distribution among India's states and what this "demographic dividend" means for t...»

Data busts some myths on sexual violence

A long-overdue national conversation on crimes against women has finally begun, but without looking properly at the numbers, we may be i...»

Heterogeneous country, homogeneously skewed

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) recently released data on employment in India, grouped by religion. These numbers have been col...»

Parliament's performance report

The 15th Lok Sabha, elected in 2009, is on its way to becoming the least deliberative in history: it has passed the least number of bill...»

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Over 3,000 farmer suicides in the last 3 years

Maharashtra is by far the epicentre of the crisis, with over 10,000 recorded farm suicides between 2011 and 2013. This year, the Marathwada region alone has seen over 200 farmer suicides in just three months. »