Just two months after retiring from service during which he took on the government on his age issue, the former Army Chief, General V.K. Singh, on Friday joined Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement and asked the people to “throw” the corrupt out of power.

Making his first public appearance in the national capital post-retirement and sharing the dais with Mr. Hazare at his hunger strike site, General Singh said if at all one thing that had come to the fore in the country was corruption and that the nation was going “directionless.”

He asked the people to visit every village and spread awareness of corruption, its ill-effects and the alternative political force.

He also spoke about the J.P. movement of the 1970s and said the famous slogan ‘Quit the Throne, Public has arrived’ was apt in today’s atmosphere.

“You have the same slogan and you all have the same alternative. Once again revive the slogan of JP,” he said.

“It is in your hands. The right to vote is with you. You can throw the corrupt people out. Annaji is providing an alternative political force. Go to every village and spread awareness among the people,” General Singh said.


Fast ends, politics begins August 3, 2012

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