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Lokpal: Documents, articles, key reports

Prime Minister's Independence Day speech, 2011

August 15, 2011New DelhiMy dear countrymen,I heartily greet 120 crore Indians on the 64th anniversary of our indepen...»

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's letter to Anna Hazare

Following is the text of letter written by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to social activist Anna Hazare over his indefinite fast against cor »

Note placed by CPI(M) at all-party meeting on the issue of Lokpal

Following is the note placed by the CPI(M) at the all-party meeting held by the Government on the issue of the Lokpal today. »

Lokpal: All-Party Resolution

All-party resolution This meeting of all parties in Parliament requests Shri Anna Hazare to end his fast. The meeting wa...»

Rahul Gandhi's speech in the Lok Sabha

August 26, 2011New DelhiMadam Speaker,I have been deeply distressed at the developments...»

Proposed Resolution for the Parliament

The house resolves that: A Lokpal Bill shall be passed by the Parliament in the ongoing session of Parliament which will set up an...»

Transcript of Prime Minister’s comments On Board Special Aircraft

Q : On slowing down of world economy, concerns among G 20 countries about state of global economy and what could India do about it?»

Amendments to Lokpal Bill

Click here to read the scanned c...»

Draft Lokpal Bill - Civil society version

THE JAN LOKPAL BILL 2011 STATEMENT OF OBJECTS AND REASONS In his foreword to the UN Convention Ag...»

We want a lean, mean Lokpal: Abhishek Singhvi

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Lokpal Bill, on corruption and the most pragmatic ways to check it. »

NCPRI documents on Lokpal draft, judicial accountability and whistleblower protection

The following documents are concept notes on the approach of the National Campaign for People's Right to Information towards a series of ant »

Am I still Anna when nobody is watching?

Team Anna both galvanised people and captivated the news industry, in two closely related but distinct strategies. »

Jan Lokpal Bill and Parliament

Is the Bill within the legislative competence of Parliament? Yes. »

The Lokpal and the CBI

The ushering in of a Lokpal should in no way dilute the CBI's legal authority or operational effectiveness. »

I'd rather not be Anna

While his means maybe Gandhian, his demands are certainly not. »

Anna is not India nor India Anna

With the anti-corruption movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare winning the first round hands down and the United Progressive Alliance gove...»

The cost of the black economy

Much of the black economy in India is like “digging holes and filling them.” One digs a hole during the day and another fills it up at night »

Is the government serious about dealing with corruption?

The Lokpal is designed to be a comprehensive anti-corruption institution independent of the government, empowered to effectively investigate »

Corrupt, repressive and stupid

A corrupt government devoid of moral authority is ill equipped to deal rationally with legitimate public anger. By ordering the illegiti...»

Prime Minister's statement in Lok Sabha on Anna Hazare's arrest

Statement by Prime Minister in the Lok Sabha August 17, 2011 New Delhi Hon’ble Speaker, 2. It is...»

Lokpal bill and the Prime Minister

When the basic structure of the Constitution denies the Prime Minister immunity from prosecution, how could it be argued that the office sho »

Jan Lokpal: an alternative view

Given the scale of corruption in India, the constitution of a Jan Lokpal will be a welcome initiative. But the proposed Lokpal has the makin »

Jan Lokpal bill: addressing concerns

The draft bill seeks to create an institution that will be independent of those it seeks to police, and will have powers to investigate and »

The Anna Hazare phenomenon

The right step would be for Manmohan Singh to visit Jantar Mantar without further loss of time to persuade the Gandhian to call off his fast »

Team Anna to undertake yatras, referendum on Jan Lokpal Bill

The activists said houses of members of the Standing Committee who oppose the Jan Lokpal Bill would be gheraoed. »

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