The Indian Army plans to induct new-age gadgets such as micro audio bugs and video devices to keep a watch on terrorist hideouts and their meeting places and activities, apparently taking a leaf out of James Bond flicks.

“Possible nano-technology applications are micro-audio bugs and video recording devices with high capacity data storage to plant at likely meeting places of terrorists, over ground agents and sympathisers,” the Army said on the possible uses of Nano-technology products in the ‘Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap’ for the Defence Ministry.

Nanotechnology is an expected future manufacturing technology that will make most products lighter, stronger, cleaner, less expensive and smaller in size.

“We are planning to use these micro devices, which would be too small to be detected, for keeping a watch on movement and activities of terrorists”, Army officials said here.

“Nano-size air and ground sensors can also be placed in specific areas and activate them when we want to monitor the activities there,” they said.

The Army also envisages use of micro-sized energy devices which can power unattended sensors and devices in remote areas or places which require extremely light weight power sources like light-weight man portable radars, missiles, UAVs and other systems.