He will be patron to a new formation that will provide the nation with political alternative

Social activist Anna Hazare on Tuesday disbanded Team Anna that formed the core committee of the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement and assumed the role of a patron to a proposed formation that would provide the nation with a political alternative.

On his blog, Mr. Hazare said the core committee was formed to facilitate talks with the government on the Jan Lokpal Bill. But the government was not listening to it, so it decided not to talk to the government any more.

“We observed fast [for four times] to make ourselves heard, but the government is not interested in bringing in a strong law against corruption. The movement launched to ask the government to set up an effective Lokpal has been withdrawn, but the movement for coming up with an alternative and finding the right people will go on,” he said.

Some would say Mr. Hazare distanced himself from the “preparatory committee,” being conceived after the decision to enter electoral politics, but the activist insisted that the movement would continue as long as it was dedicated to the cause of the people. “The day I find that members of the alternative party have allowed power or money to go to their head, I will withdraw the movement,” he warned.

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