‘Dafnians’, ‘Future Kids’ highlight the need to protect the planet

Students of Dafne Asiatic School and Future Kids participated in two separate programmes on Tuesday to highlight the significance of World Earth Day.

A special assembly session started off with a song dedicated to Mother Earth. The ‘Dafnians’ took a “Save Our Earth” pledge, and a dance was presented on the same theme.

A video on Chipko, Chipko-Hug a Tree was shown to students to help them understand the importance of growing and preserving trees. The message sent out was loud and clear: “Stop pollution and grow more trees to maintain a greener and cleaner Earth.”

Principal T. Srividya shared her views on the need to preserve and protect earth. She warned if people failed to save earth now, future generations may not enjoy life on it. Director T. Sridhar said it was imperative for people to realise the necessity to save environment from further deterioration and preserve it for the future.

Future Kids initiative

Children of Future Kids School took out a rally, calling for a higher level of awareness and concern for living beings, environment and public health. They took an oath to practise measures to curb pollution and keep the environs green and clean.

The rally reached the Sub-Collector’s Office where the participants raised slogans in support of Earth Day. RDO Nanraj complimented the students for highlighting a universal concept. The Future Kids’ students formed a human chain to focus on the slogan, “Go Green and Save the Mother Earth.”

The head of the institution, Ravibabu, and Principal Padmavathi explained to the kids the dangers of global warming.


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