An autorickshaw driver at Yemminganur, he gives shape to various artefacts during his free time

Yemmiganur-based artist B. Chandrasekhar has earned a place in the India Book of Records for his mini-functional film projector. The World Records University invited him to claim an honorary doctorate for a series of works, after completing the basic formalities.

Mr. Chandrasekhar, an autorickshaw driver at Yemmiganur, gives shape to various artefacts and miniature articles during his free time. A junior college dropout, Mr. Chandrasekhar pursued his passion to draw various pictures on rice grains, til seeds, and other such small objects.

He carved various Plaster of Paris figurines tucked into bottles and received wide acclaim for his work. The latest addition to his collection is the smallest functional projector, the size of a matchbox, which can spin film reel and project the images on a small screen.

The device is powered by a 12-volts battery.