Dravidian varsity V-C speaks at seminar

The rate of women’s development is directly proportional to the pace at which a country’s economy can surge at the global level, said Dravidian University Vice-Chancellor K. Ratnaiah.

Speaking at the national seminar on ‘Feminist concerns in modern Kannada and Telugu literature’ at the varsity campus in Kuppam on Wednesday, Prof. Ratnaiah put the onus of ushering in attitudinal change in men and rights awareness among women on the linguists and litterateurs. “The problems faced by women in the contemporary society needs to be highlighted, so that they are viewed with a positive outlook and addressed,” he said.

Academics Kattamanchi Mahalakshmi and Kamala Hampanna explained the feminist viewpoints in the Telugu and Kannada literature. Seminar director N. Suseela spoke.