Speakers have called upon the people to keep their environment clean and tidy to avoid breeding of mosquitoes and other flies which cause various vector borne diseases.

Participating at the World Health Day celebrations organised by Apollo Reach Hospital in Karimnagar on Monday, Karimnagar range DIG R.B. Naik, IMA Karimnagar chapter president G. Harikishan, hospital superintendent A. Naresh and others informed people about the importance of protection from vector borne diseases. They also informed them about the importance of protection from mosquitoes and other insects. Earlier, the Apollo Reach Hospital conducted a free diabetes camp and conducted free blood sugar tests to patients. The hospital also conducted an exhibition of herbal products on the occasion.

Similarly, the Association of Physicians of India, Karimnagar chapter, also organised a conducted the medical awareness camp at the government headquarters hospital in Karimnagar town and distributed pamphlets educating people to protect themselves from mosquito and insect bites.

On the other hand, the district medical and health department authorities organised an awareness rally with the slogan of - ‘Small bite - big problem’.