Political Joint Action Committee (JAC) chairman M. Kodandaram demanded the Andhra Pradesh government that it should withdraw cases registered against the students of Osmania University in the past one year. He alleged that the government was trying to keep the students in jail.

“The elected representatives from Telangana have no moral right to take oath as Ministers in the new Cabinet that will be formed tomorrow as long as the students are languishing in jails. The posts they are ready to enjoy are because of the agitation by students,” he told a media conference at Sangareddy on Tuesday night.

Stating that the Telangana agitation had spread to the nook and corner of the region because of the fast taken up by TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao last year, Mr. Kodandaram said that change of guard in the government would not help in stalling the ongoing agitation for separate State.

“Many of the cases registered against students like Raja Ram, Errolla Srinivas and others are false. How can each student commit more than 60 to 70 crimes in a matter of eight to ten days? Moreover, all the cases are the same which even Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram gave assurance to withdraw,” he said. The demand made by students to amend 14 (F) clause and conduct the SI examinations was nothing new but one which was supported by all political parties.

Describing the infighting in the Congress party as a “fight for control over resources that can make them rich,” Mr. Kodandaram said that justice can be done only with the formation of separate State.

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