The Wipro Mission10X Technology Learning Centre was opened at the ECE Department of the MVGR College of Engineering on Thursday.

To reduce the gap between industry and academics, the Department of ECE has been conducting add-on programmes and had entered into an agreement with Think Labs; IIT, Mumbai; NILabView, Bangalore, and Y2Y Signals Pvt. Ltd. The programmes provide hands-on experience to students and also help develop skills required for the industry. The Mission10X has designed the Unified Technology Learning Platform (UTLP) for practical-based learning in engineering education that enables students to learn technology integrated with other skills like communication, team work, analytical and evaluation.

To operationalise the UTLP, the Mission10X Technology Learning Centre has been setup, said the college Principal. The faculty at the MLTC is trained in project-based learning and usage of resource guides for laboratory enhancement so that they will inculcate the required skilled among engineering students. MVGR College of Engineering is the second institute in the State to have the MLTC.