Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy raised the issue of foreign web-based firms not cooperating with security agencies in monitoring anti-national activities of terror outfits in his address at the conference of Chief Ministers' on internal security on Wednesday.

"Security agencies are facing serious problems in monitoring communication on internet, importantly Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Nimbuzz, Skype and other VoIP channels, because of non co-operation from these agencies, which have their headquarters outside India,” he said.

Mr. Reddy said that the terrorists were taking advantage of this situation and using the communication channels for their anti-national activities.

“The Central government may take up this issue with the concerned authorities and find a solution,” he said.

Noting that terrorism does not know boundaries, Mr. Reddy said that over the years, terrorists have been able to strike, taking advantage of “inherent deficiencies in co-ordination between agencies“.

“In combating terrorism, we have to look beyond the physical boundaries of the states and operate beyond political considerations,” he said, adding that the concept of National Counter Terrorism Centre is a well planned initiative to counter terrorism as there is an urgent need to tackle the problem by all states unitedly.

“NCTC provides a common platform for collecting, collating and sharing operational information on terrorism related matters,” he said.

Mr. Reddy sought the Centre’s approval for developing a corridor of road networks all along the inter-state borders as part of counter-terror measures.

He also sought funds for implementation of Hyderabad City Surveillance Project.