The visit of Congress MPs V. Arun Kumar and A. Venkatarami Reddy to the lobbies of Legislative Council on Sunday raised many eyebrows with the former spending over two hours there.

After the Council was adjourned for the day, Mr. Arun Kumar and Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy spoke to each other for about five minutes separately, when the latter was getting ready to leave the premises. Nobody knew what transpired between them as security personnel did not allow anyone to go near them. Mr. Venkatarami Reddy joined them towards the end of their conversation.

These interactions assume significance in the light of speculation over formation of a new party in Seemandhra. “We are here as the action is here with the Bill (AP Reorganisation Bill) in the Assembly being debated for next three days. Later too everything will happen here. What can we do going to our constituencies?, Mr. Arun Kumar asked Mr. Venkatarami Reddy. When asked by a reporter as how to interpret his comments, Mr. Arun Kumar said: “Understand as you like”.

Later, Mr. Venkatarami Reddy told Mr. Arun Kumar: “People in Rajahmundry will vote for you with your speeches while my constituents will retain me only if I am available to them as much as possible.” Their conservation ended abruptly as other MLCs joined them.

After meeting Revenue Minister N. Raghuveera Reddy, who also hails from Anantapur district, there Mr. Venkatarami Reddy told news photographers following him: “We won’t go anywhere, not even there (new party!), where you people are thinking about.”


War of words in AP CouncilJanuary 20, 2014