Two children were found murdered on Thursday at Madakasira, creating an atmosphere of terror in a town otherwise known for its relative calm in the district.

According to the police, Ranganath (7) and Malathi (13), studying at a local school in Madakasira town were found murdered in their home at 14th ward in Madakasira municipality at around 10 a.m.

The deceased’s parents, Anandappa and Sakamma, both of whom are government teachers at Madakasira town and neighbouring village of Haresamudram respectively, had left for their duties early on account of class 10th exams being held there.

The Penukonda DSP, speaking to The Hindu said that the police had booked a case for trespassing, forced entry into others property, murder and theft of property on the accused, who are yet to be identified.

He also said that the police had already started investigating the case and that a dog squad had already been pressed into service. However, he informed that the police are yet to take anybody into custody on suspicion for questioning.

While the post-mortem is yet to be held, preliminary observations made at the crime scene suggested that both the children were strangulated using a garment the girl was wearing.

On the other hand, the police also said that there didn’t appear any signs which could indicate rape on the girl.