Two boys were feared drowned in the sea at the R.K. Beach here on Saturday morning. While visitors to the beach claimed that they had seen two boys being dragged into the deep, police said they had seen only one boy drowning, but efforts by expert swimmers to save him proved futile.

Ironically, even as the search for the bodies continued, visitors continued to play in the water ignoring the grave danger. The bodies were not found till late in the evening and details of the victims were not known. Unconfirmed sources said that four boys went to the beach early in the morning and while two played on the sand, the other two went for a swim. The other two boys were said to have fled on seeing their friends drowning.

“Police swimmer Yellaji had seen one boy being dragged into the deep and went after him, but the boy drowned and couldn’t be located. A boat of the Marine Police and a chopper of the Navy came but the search proved futile. The presence of rip current and strong winds could have dragged the body and it could have drifted towards Rushikonda and we alerted the police there,” Two Town Inspector R. Mallikarjuna Rao said.

Names on sand

The police found the names ‘Komali’, ‘Sankar Rao’, ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ written on the sand and suspect that these could have been written by the boys who drowned.

A ‘T’ shirt and a striped shirt were found on the beach and based on their size, the police suspect that the victims could be in their early teens.


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