The Satya Sai Central Trust on Friday released the statement pertaining to the financial details of the trust.

While reporting an income of Rs 200.59 crore, the statement said Rs. 110.29 crore was under the head of interest and Rs. 82.41 crore under donations.

On the other hand, capital expenditure was pegged at Rs. 12.74 crore with more than Rs. 6 crore going towards education projects while medical and welfare projects accounting for Rs. 4.38 crore and Rs. 2.21 crore respectively.

However, the revenue expenditure pegged at Rs. 69.75 crore was the highest with the maximum amount being spent on medical relief at Rs. 46.36 crore while education accounted for Rs. 15.47 crore. Capital funds as part of the balance sheet was pegged at Rs. 1,489.13 crores.

Yajur Mandir

Trust member Mr. Bhagwat speaking to media said the trust was seized of the matter of allowing devotees into the Yajur Mandir but said he could not fix a time line to it because it was related to other issues including arrangements that would have to be made within the Yajur Mandir before devotees were allowed.

Baba’s will

Asked about the will of Sai Baba, he said the will as made by Baba in 1967 was being stuck to and added that Baba’s directives were that all the properties and donations were not owned by anyone and would be used by the trust in serving humanity in the best way possible.

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