The activists of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) led by MLAs T. Harish Rao and K.T. Rama Rao staged a protest in front of the AP Transco office here on Thursday alleging discrimination in power supply to Telangana region and demanding 7-hour supply to the farm sector.

Explaining the problem to Chairman and Managing Director of AP Transco Hiralal Samaria, the TRS leaders alleged that standing crops raised under borewells were drying up in Telangana due to erratic power supply and also not adhering to seven-hour supply to agriculture sector.

Further, they said Telangana districts were being discriminated at the behest of the Chief Minister and the position of power supplied to Chittoor in comparison to Telangana districts was a clear indication in this regard.

Mr. Samaria gave a written assurance to the TRS MLAs stating that 7-hour supply to the farm sector would be ensured.

Speaking to reporters later, Mr. Harish Rao stated that it was for the third time the CMD of AP Transco had promised to ensure 7-hour supply to farm sector.

They would take up an agitation during the coming Assembly session if the assured power supply was not given by then.