TDP’s Karimnagar MLA Gangula Kamalakar switches sides

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K. Chandrasekhar Rao was successful in attracting leaders from other parties and the first to join the party was none other than Gangula Kamalakar, a TDP legislator from Karimnagar district.

Mr. Kamalakar met Mr. Rao at his farm house at Jagadevpur in Medak district on Monday and held discussions for about 45 minutes. The meeting assumes significance in the background of some TRS activists opposing the joining of Mr. Kamalakar alleging that this would block the choice of former MLC Naradasu Laxmana Rao from contesting in the next general elections.

Meanwhile, TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu suspended Mr. Kamalakar from the party.

Later, speaking to the media, Mr. Kamalakar said he came here on the invitation extended by the TRS chief stating that only the TRS had been waging a sincere struggle for the formation of separate State.

Mr. Rao claimed that some Members of Parliament from the ruling Congress as well as legislators from both the Congress and the TDP were ready to join the party.

He, however, was quick to add that the decision would be taken only after discussing the issue with local party leaders and activists.

“We do not allow all and sundry to join the party. We will be choosy in selecting leaders for admission into the party who are committed to the cause and ready to strengthen the party,” he said adding that there was a need for political forces in the region to join hands to fight for a separate State. “People have expressed their strong resolve for Telangana in the form of Sakala Janula Samme. Similarly, all the political forces should come together. We are making our efforts to make the TRS a force to reckon with by the time of elections,” he said.