‘They poured acid and other chemicals on the Nandi statue’

Unidentified miscreants dug up 300-year-old Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy temple for treasure in the early hours of Saturday sending shock waves in the town.

According to reports, unidentified persons gained entry into the temple located at Panagal near the district headquarters town and dug the place for treasure. They reportedly poured acid and other chemicals on the Nandi statue in front of Hanuman idol.

They reportedly offered prayers by sprinkling turmeric and vermillion on Lord Hanuman’s idol and partially damaged it in search of treasure before they abandoned their bid. Temple priest Y. V. R. L. Narasimha Sharma told reporters on Saturday that no other temple has a Nandi statue in front of Lord Hanuman’s idol. The temple was closed at 7 pm on Friday night and when the priests opened it on Saturday morning, they found the damaged idol. He pointed out that on an earlier occasion, Lord Ganesha’s idol was taken away by miscreants. He appealed to police to provide security to the temple to prevent such incidents.