Series of deaths of unmarried youth in accidents worry Peddapalle villagers in Chittoor district

Peddapalle village of of B.Kothakota mandal of Madanapalle division was an abode of peace and happiness, but the series of tragic deaths of unmarried youth in a year has turned it into a haunted place.

The village, nestled amidst rocky terrain is thinly populated with agriculture families, bubbling with young generation. Leaving agriculture to their parents, some enthusiastic youth are pursuing professional courses in Madanapalle and Bangalore, while many others work as drivers, assisting the families.

In a span of one year, five unmarried youth, all drivers in the age group of 22-25, were killed in road accidents. On Saturday last, an engineering student, Govardhan Reddy (22) was electrocuted while charging his mobile.

During the last few days, a fear psychosis has gripped the village, with the denizens observing that some evil spirit has entered their abode. Some farmers said that their fortunes had drastically dwindled following crop failure and mounting debts.

After dusk, an eerie silence is felt in the village, with the residents returning from fields early and not leaving during nights unless the situation warrants. The youth are advised not to venture out during the time of mid-day. Small ailments of boys is creating fear in their parents.

Compounding to their woes, marriage proposals for the youth have stopped. The village elders suggested special rituals like appeasing the evil spirits and driving them away.