Surging crowd at the temple of Lord Venkateswara no more a troublesome issue

Sustained efforts of the TTD management in finding a lasting solution to the surging crowd at the Tirumala temple seems to have paid off in the form of a three-tier darshan system.

The intention is to use the vertical space available inside the sanctum sanctorum in a best possible manner given the built-in constraints the ancient temple has.

Pilgrims in three lines will be allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum from the silver gate (Vendi Vakili). While devotees in the first line will be made to walk on a 17-inch elevated wooden pedestal from the Bangaru Vakili (golden gate), the second line will have the devotees walking on the pedestal at the height of 8 to 9 inch from the ground. The third line of pilgrims will walk on the floor.

When contacted, TTDs Executive Officer M.G. Gopal – the brain behind the concept – expressed satisfaction over the functioning of the system.