Accused in 13 cheating cases in Kadapa district

Kadapa police has arrested three persons of Kadapa accused in 13 cheating cases and seized four and half kg of gold ornaments, Rs.10.35 lakh and six vehicles, all worth around Rs.2 crore on Saturday.

Syed Asadullah Khadri, 29, and Latif Ghouse Ahmed, 54, of Vakkalapeta and Momin Farooq, 42, of Mochampet in Kadapa town, who were absconding, were arrested, Kadapa SP Manish Kumar Sinha said in a press conference. Asadullah Khadri, who had constructed a mosque at Dowlathapuram village in Chennur, cheated sick persons who came to him, by giving them talismans and telling them that the illness was due to a hidden treasure in their house, the SP said.

He convinced them that the hidden treasure should be taken out after placing some gold in a pit on their residential premises and the gold would double and they would be free of illness, the SP added.

Modus operandi

In the process, Khadri and his accomplices, 13 persons in different parts of Kadapa district, amassed gold and wealth, which he mortgaged with different banks, money lenders and pawn brokers and lived lavishly by purchasing cars, motorcycles and also built a mosque at Dowlathapuram village, Mr. Sinha said.

He lauded Kadapa DSP Rajeswar Reddy, Circle Inspectors R. Purushotham Raju, G. Sivanna and M. Nageswara Reddy, sub-inspectors M. Chandrasekhar Naik and M. Purya Naik and constables who effected the arrests.