Regional meeting of the BJP district presidents and secretaries from Seemandhra held

BJP former President and Rajya Sabha member M. Venkaiah Naidu described the Third Front as a ‘B team’ of Congress party comprising several Prime Ministerial aspirants bent on promoting their personal agendas.

Almost all of them had in the past been staunch supporters of the Congress and they have lifted curtains on yet another show of solidarity, he observed.

‘Rental parties’

Addressing party’s district presidents and secretaries from Seemandhra region here on Wednesday, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said that there were some ‘rental parties’ acting on behalf of mainstream parties and the Congress was known to instigate such forces against its rivals including the BJP.

“Third Front is like a ‘parking lot’ from where vehicles can go in any given direction or even stay back without serving any purpose”, Mr. Naidu ridiculed while advising the party cadres to take up the election campaign as a “people’s movement” rather than one entirely focused on politics.

Mr. Naidu said the Congress party started playing the ‘caste cards’ having failed in delivering good governance through its ten-year regime. It (Congress) was spreading all sorts of misinformation against the BJP which was poised to stage a comeback by riding on ‘Modi wave’.

The much-hyped Aam Aadmi Party stood discredited after having its hands burnt by the Congress party which has been the prime target of Arvind Kejriwal.

The Congress party’s double standards and the way it exploits its allies were well known to the people. In contrast, the BJP has got the reputation of sticking to its words irrespective of the consequences.

“It is only BJP which has the credentials to rule the country and people were fortunate to have in Narendra Modi a man known for his vision, courage and commitment to welfare of the masses.

The phenomenal development that Gujarat achieved was testimony to his abilities”, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said.

Regarding bifurcation, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said that the special category status promised for Seemandhra could not be reversed easily as none other than the Prime Minister gave a commitment to that in the Rajya Sabha.