Indervelli mandal headquarters village was tense on Monday as Dalits and Vishwa Hindu Parishad-Shiv Sena activists clashed over disappearance of a couple of flags belonging to the former. Police had to lathicharge to disperse the warring groups, which resulted in minor injuries to nine persons including Utnoor SI Ramesh.

Dalit organisations had lodged a complaint with police regarding disappearance of two flags that were put up as part of Ambedkar anniversary celebrations. The flags had reportedly disappeared on Sunday night while the Shiv Sena-VHP combine were celebrating Shiv Jayanti.

Partial bandh

The Dalit organisations gave a call for Indervelli bandh on Monday morning which was objected to by the business community as it was shandy day. This resulted in heated arguments between the two groups which made police to intervene.

Utnoor Deputy Superintendent of Police Md. Sarwar worked out a compromise according to which the market was to observe bandh for half-a-day. However, some businessmen did not adhere to the agreement which drew angry reactions from Dalits.

The rally taken out by Dalits ended up in a clash with Sena-VHP activists. Activists from both sides were injured in the incident.

Police then cane-charged the clashing groups to restore order.