TRS Chief K Chandrasekhara Rao's indefinite fast enters the 11th day, and student supporters add momentum to the movement. Police now fear that Maoists might infiltrate the movement and seize the opportunity that Thursday's planned 'huge gathering' might present them with.

The State government on Wednesday expressed apprehension over Maoists infiltrating into the ongoing agitation for Telangana and of their seizing the opportunity of the ‘possible huge gathering’ expected in Hyderabad on Thursday in response to the ‘Chalo Assembly’ call given by the Joint Action Committee of students.

Inspector-General of Police, A.R. Anuradha, the spokesperson of the Police Department, said, “We have received Intelligence reports that the movement has gone out of the students’ hands and that Maoists and other professional agitators are moving in. Given such a situation, we do not wish to take any chance of a law and order problem. The Maoists already believe in Dandakaranya.”

She added that the issue of Telangana was known to everyone and there was no need for a huge gathering to represent the matter once again to the government. “The Central and State governments are already working on the issue and people also know the sensitivities involved,” she reiterated, conveying the government's appeal for people to observe restraint and stay away from the twin cities.

It may be recalled that the police have already issued orders under Section 144, banning any ‘unlawful assembly’ in and around the State capital and in the Telangana region till December 13. “On Thursday, we will not allow any traffic on the roads around the Assembly and on flyovers,” Mrs. Anuradha stated.

Fielding questions, she said that even in the disturbances witnessed at the Osmania University campus on Wednesday morning, they had reports of the participation of certain radical elements.

She said that all cases registered against the fasting Telangana Rashtra Samithi president, K. Chandrasekhara Rao had been lifted. “He is no longer in the custody of the police.” However, seven leaders of the JAC were still under police custody, she added.