The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has termed the fresh buzz over the Telangana issue in the ruling Congress as an attempt to keep its ship afloat in the forthcoming elections to local bodies and to prevent exodus of its leaders to other parties before the general elections next year.

In spite of the impression being given by the Congress that it is working hard towards a solution on the sensitive yet difficult t issue of Telangana and that some decision is due during the next fortnight, the TRS is extremely sceptical on the ‘activity’ in the ruling party. “The Congress can’t and won’t take a decision on Telangana now going by its extremely casual, non-committal and evasive approach on the issue so far”, TRS leader K.T. Rama Rao observed. The TRS feels that there was nothing new in what the Congress has offered come up and no one would take it seriously. This has been the party’s strategy every time an important rally or event is organised with the statehood issue as its focus. “By making its cadre believe that the issue was under party’s consideratyion, it wants to limit the damage caused by the quitting of its two MPs”, Mr. Rao said. Former TRS MP B. Vinod Kumar is also of the same opinion. The Congress was been doing it all to send some positive signals to its cadre ahead of the local bodies’ elections. “Though I have learnt about the proposals of special package, Rayala-Telangana and others from a senior AICC leader, we (TRS) are not ready to believe it since the Congress lacks the strength in Parliament now”, he said.

If the Congress is sincere and serious about taking a decision, it does not require consultations anymore as the talk of consensus is absurd after the all-party meeting held by the Union Home Minister in December last.