Notwithstanding the confidence being exuded by Telangana Ministers that the Congress high command will not roll back its decision on Telangana, they do not expect the Bill for creation of the State to be introduced in the Parliament before February, 2014.

Given the intense agitation in Seemandhra against the bifurcation and apprehensions over job security, employment opportunities and resource sharing, the preparation of Cabinet Note is expected to take its own time with provisions and safeguards to assuage the emotions of people in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema while inspiring confidence, says a senior Minister.

Firstly, the Antony Committee which has been giving a patient hearing to people’s representatives, employees and various organisations and going through their written representations with a mandate to do justice to people in all regions has to submit its report. Then the government committee announced by the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi in response to the reservations expressed over the credibility of the party committee would also look into the concerns of Seemandhra people, particularly on sharing Hyderabad as common capital only for 10 years. When UPA government has pressing agenda like Food Security Bill and other issues, it will certainly buy time to prepare the draft Bill on Telangana. No one will take exception to the delay as Ms. Gandhi made it abundantly clear that the decision on Telangana will not be reversed, said another Minister.

Though UT status to Hyderabad was ruled out by Ministers from Telangana as totally unacceptable, they feel that the stalemate over the issue can be resolved by bringing the law and order in Hyderabad under the purview of the Centre to inspire confidence in Seemandhra people and giving a package to the Seemandhra region. The Rayala-Telangana proposal, though not to the liking of ruling party representatives in Telangana, is something they may have to accept as a trade off to UT status to Hyderabad, a Minister said.