Telugu Desam Party leaders of the district are anxiously waiting for the finalisation of seat being allocated to the BJP. Earlier, the TDP has allocated Narasannapeta seat to the BJP. With the strong objection from the party leaders in Narasannapeta, the TDP high command is reportedly searching for another seat.

Sources say that the TDP is planning to allocate either Patapatnam or Itchapuram. The leaders of other constituencies are worried with the latest proposals being considered by the party high command.

TDP Srikakulam Lok Sabha candidate K.Rammohan has asked the party high command not to allocate any seat to the BJP saying that it did not have strength .

The comments irked the BJP leaders, who are alleging that the TDP leaders wanted to cash in on Narendra Modi’s wave but do not want to allocate any seat to the party. They reportedly expressed their displeasure and asked the BJP high command to insist for one seat. They also urged the BJP high command to consider Srikakulam seat also since the TDP did not have any cadre in the district headquarters. Leaders of both the parties hoped that the issue will be settled in a couple of days.