Every third family in Seemandhra has a relative in Hyderabad, says Kodela

TDP senior leader Kodela Sivaprasada Rao said that the Central government should carry out a referendum in the State capital before going ahead with the process of the so-called bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh as per the resolution of the Congress Working Committee (CWC). He said that every third family in Seemandhra region has a member or a relative who was settled in Hyderabad and in the well-developed surrounding areas.

A strong bond has developed between people over the years and it is indicated by the fact that people travel often to the capital city these days, he added.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, Mr. Sivaprasada Rao said that the migration of all sections of people including labourers and industrialists to Hyderabad was just because it has been the State capital.

“Migrations took place because Seemandhra people thought it was their own capital,” he added.

Stating that the capital’s development had surpassed expectations, Mr. Sivaprasada Rao said that it had come to a point where 55 per cent of the State’s revenue came from Hyderabad.

Many claims are being made over the capital city nowadays and there can be no doubt that the extortion of Seemandhra people will pick up in Hyderabad once a separate State is formed, he added.

Mr. Rao asserted that there was no merit in the CWC decision to bifurcate the State as there was no clear objective and purpose to serve in the interests of the people.

Also, there is no majority support for the division with Seemandhra people opposing it in one voice, he said.