‘Time has come for all non-Congress MPs to come together and throw out the scam- ridden, corrupt and inefficient Government at Centre’

Telugu Desam party president N. Chandrababu Naidu on Monday justified the party’s decision to move no confidence motion against the Congress-led UPA Government, saying it had no right to continue in office even for a day after the drubbing it received in the Assembly elections in four States.

Mr. Naidu said the party would seek support from all non-Congress parties as time has come for all MPs to come together and throw out “scam- ridden, corrupt and inefficient Government” at Centre. “The sooner we do this it is better for the nation and the people”, he said.

His party was not the only one to seek the UPA’s ouster but all sections of people across the country. There was a distinct anti-Congress mood as reflected by the results in the latest round of Assembly elections. Otherwise, new entities like Aam Aadmi Party would not have been able to win so handsomely in Delhi, he said.

“It is a lesson to all those political leaders who still think that they can get away indulging in scams and corruption and take people for granted. In our State too we have the example of YSRC MP, Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy who has gone to jail but talks about values in politics,” he said.

Asked if his party would also move no trust move against Kiran Kumar Reddy Government in the coming Assembly session, he said “we will see but there is no purpose in moving such a motion against a non-existent Government and which is anyhow going to go in another three months”.

The TDP president was highly critical of the way the Group of Ministers went about preparing draft AP State Reorganisation Bill especially the provision relating to new capital for the residual Andhra Pradesh. Reading out the provision, he said the GoM want people to leave Hyderabad and settle down in a degraded forest.

“They are humiliating Telugus and treating us as slaves who will have to simply listen to them. Who are they to decide where the capital should be and where the people should go?. Did they take into confidence the stakeholders and political party leaders on this score ?,” he asked.