Party bags majority of wards in nine municipalities in East Godavari district

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) scored a hat-trick in the Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation, even as it swept the municipal polls in East Godavari district. Out of the 10 municipalities and Rajahmundry Corporation, the party won majority of wards in nine municipalities.

In the newly formed Gollaprolu municipality, the TDP and the YSRC won equal number of wards. The BJP and the BSP opened their accounts in municipalities on their own, and the Congress also got five wards.

Telugu Desam Party Mayor candidate Pantam Rajani Sesha Sai won with a majority of 2,405 votes, and the party won 34 out of the 50 wards, and the YSRC won only eight.

While Independents won in three wards, the BJP, BSP and the Congress emerged victorious in one ward each.

BJP wins

YSRC Mayor candidate M. Sharmila Reddy won from the 3rd ward and BJP candidate Relangi Sridevi, who lost in the last three elections, won from the 47th ward.

The results of Gollaprolu were put on hold, as both TDP and the YSRC won nine wards each, while the Congress and the CPM got one each.

In the rest of other municipalities, the Telugu Desam Party won with an absolute majority. The party won Tuni bagging 17 wards out of 30, YSRC 11 and the Congress two.

Cong. draws a blank

Ongole Staff Reporter writes: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) stormed to power in four of the six urban local bodies as counting of votes in the March 30 election concluded on Monday.

While the Congress drew a blank, the TDP won majority of wards in Markapur, Addanki, Chimakurthi and Kanigiri civic bodies. The YSRC won a majority of 11 out of 20 wards only in Giddalur Nagara Panchayat.

The TDP scored a facile win, bagging 19 of the 32 wards in Markapur where the YSRC was successful only in 10 wards.

The CPI, CPI (M) and an Independent shared the rest of the three wards.

The TDP won 15 wards as against the five bagged by the YSRC in the 20-member Addanki Nagara panchayat. In Chimakurthy, the TDP won 12 wards, while the YSRC was successful in eight wards.

In Kanigiri, the TDP won 12 wards, while the YSRC bagged seven.

An Independent accounted for one ward in the 20-member house.

Absolute majority

Srikakulam Staff Reporter adds: The TDP gained an upper hand in the municipal election, winning Palakonda and Palasa municipalities with absolute majority. It is likely to bag the Amadalavalasa municipality, too, with the support of the Congress and Independent candidates.

The YSRC secured a simple majority in Itchapuram municipality where the TDP won 17 wards out of 25, with the YSRC emerging victorious in the remaining eight wards.

In Palakonda, the TDP won 12 seats, while the YSRC won in only three wards.

Independents emerged victorious in the five remaining wards. Rebels played spoilsport for the YSRC in Palakonda. In Itchapuram, the YSRC bagged 13 wards, and the TDP eight. Two wards went into the kitty of Independents.

TDP Parliamentary wing in-charge K. Rammohan Naidu expressed hope that the party would get majority in Zilla Parishad and Assembly seats in the district.

Owing to a legal tangle over the merger of nearby villages, the election was postponed in Rajam and Srikakulam municipalities.

Independents matter

Viziaganagaram Correspondent writes: Out of four municipalities in the district, the TDP won Vizianagaram, Parvathipuram and Salur municipalities, the while YSRC won in Bobbili.

TDP got a clear majority in Vizianagaram and Salur. In Parvathipuram, though the TDP won majority of wards, Independents are likely to tilt scales at the time of election of chairperson.


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