The Telugu Desam Party is hopeful that the party’s victory in majority of the municipal bodies is a precursor to its performance in the general elections.

The party is confident of repeating the performance in the MPTC and ZPTC elections as also the general elections. Counting of votes for the local bodies would be taken up on Tuesday and for the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections on May 16. The TDP leadership focussed on its development agenda during the electioneering as the party believed that bifurcation is a thing of the past and people were now worried about accelerated development of the new State which will begin with a deficit budget of over Rs. 10,000 crore.

TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu, currently abroad, thanked the people for defeating “corrupt parties” and reposing their confidence in the TDP which had a proven track record of ushering in development. “People proved that they are development conscious and are not willing to fall pray to the allurements offered by other parties,” he said.

Mr. Naidu said large scale voting against the Congress was because of the faulty policies the Government pursued since a decade which burdened the people.

At the same time, numerous instances of corruption had come to the fore during the 10-year Congress rule. People were vexed with problems such as price rise, uncertain power supply and other issues and they were also decided against encouraging “corrupt parties”.

The manifesto which the TDP prepared covering all sections stood as a testimony to the party’s commitment for development and this was reflected in the voting pattern in favour of the party. He thanked the people as well as the party leaders and cadre that stood with the party all through and ensured that the party emerged victorious.

He admitted that the party could not perform on the expected lines.

This was because of the Congress’ campaign that it had kept its promise on delivering separate Statehood. But the TDP would stand by its supporters, leaders and cadre and play a constructive role in Telangana in the coming days.